Our Vision

People - Process - Technology

Simplify the Business of Global and Local Logistics & Trade Expanding capabilities and efficiency to enable you to compete in a fast-moving, digitalising sector.

We promise to keep our customers continuously informed and updated. We commit to adding value, reducing costs and being an extension to your business.

One Integrated System for All Your Logistics Needs

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Our system shows you the information you need to know, without having to ask! We use alerts on SMS, WhatsApp and email, giving you time to react and make decisions that may affect your delivery time. Our system gives you the visibility you need to take full control of your transport and logistics supply chain.

Benefits of Working with Us

TSI Central Station is an independent forth party logistics (4PL) company focused on providing the best rates with the very best service.

The bottom line is that over the past 13 years, we have not only perfected this technology, but have remained the market leaders by ensuring our clients benefit from innovation and negotiating power.

We guarantee to reduce your transport and logistics costs by using the most advanced technology available, coupled with a team of highly skilled professionals.

The future of logistics is here, our proprietary technology leverages the latest in AI, machine learning. Our industry-leading technology is built on our clients’ needs over the years.

How We Work

We streamline the entire logistics process for all parties involved which saves time and money.

In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, we have developed a system that brings the entire supply chain together on a single platform. We keep everyone in the supply chain on “your page”, giving you the insight  you need to be able to make decisions based on real-time fact and not fiction. Our platform uses emerging technologies, such as machine learning, that are revolutionizing the transport and logistics industry. Why not take advantage of the benefits that we have to offer?

Take Control

Our Digital Control Tower has changed the way you manage your transport & logistics and our platform is delivering great value to our clients who already use it. They have been able to redefine their business processes and streamline their operations.

Advanced Technology

TSI’s self-developed technology connects everyone involved in global trade – importers, exporters, trucking companies, ocean carriers, airlines, customs agencies, port terminals – through a single, secure cloud-based platform. Our innovative technology is an essential tool where efficiency and lean operations are key in determining profit margins.

The Human Touch

As an independent logistics service provider, we have years of hands-on experience in the transport and logistics industry and understand the challenges you face daily. Our team of experts are available to all our customers.

Cost and Time Savings

The two things we ensure are a reduction in your transport & logistics costs and faster transit times. Our technology allows for better planning which leads to less wastage and more control over your logistics. Having visibility also ensures control of inventory so that you know what stock you have on hand and what stock you have on order.