Intelligent transportation & logistics software. Improving your service and reducing your transportation & logistics costs.

We help importers and exporters digitize their entire logistics

TSI Central Station is a South African-based logistics company. We use our self-developed state of the art software to allow you to manage and control all your local and international transportation and logistics in one place.

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Cut your logistic costs Guaranteed

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A Success Story, Facts speak Louder Than Words

One of our clients changed over to TSI at the end of 2019, they were using their service provider for nearly 30 years, however, after doing our comparison (like for like) they did a trial with TSI Central Station, The rest of the story is almost history, we have been able to save them twenty million Rand’s (R20 million) in the first year.

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Our logistics service encompasses all modes of transport, but are not limited to local and national trucking, sea (ocean) freight. air freight and local distribution. If you are looking for a cradle to grave independent service provider, then you have come to the right place. 


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Our System

Combining Resource, Specialists and Technology

It takes more than promises to be a true Logistics Specialist. TSI Central Station’s Operating System for Local & International Logistics is unique because it brings together our experts that use our groundbreaking technology to drive the process from the time an order is placed with your supplier.

The system is unique in that it connects every touchpoint in the supply chain

Guaranteed Savings

Innovative Technology - Forward Thinking

If you are serious about saving money and improving your supply chain, then you have finally arrived at a company that guarantees its rates & service. We allow you to take back control and at the same time, focus on the more important things, like YOUR BUSINESS.

Benefits of Working With Us

Having Ultimate Control

We remove the frustration and anxiety associated with logistics, both local and international. Only TSI connects all the parties in the logistics chain, from your clearing & forwarding agent, importers to exporters, trucking companies, container depots, airlines, airports, (Customs – EDI systems), shipping lines, port terminals, all this through a single secure cloud-based platform. We are the only independent platform that gives you full control & visibility. This is by far the most powerful technology available in Southern Africa. We streamline the entire logistics process for all parties involved which saves time and money.

What Our Clients Say

Our Value Proposition

TSI Central Station, opening doors to a world of logistics, transport & freight possibilities in South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa through a control tower managed supply chain and distribution service


Your true logistics costs are immediately minimized, in distribution, transport, procurement and staffing realising bottom line contribution to your company.


Our Cutting-edge technology, real-time visibility, and single point of contact makes transport easy, connecting you to every aspect of the supply chain.


We give you the ability to manage your stock through technology, not only what is in your warehouse but also what is on order.


We don’t re-create a solution for you, we adapt ours to work with yours to ensure you can focus on what you do and not on what your logistics partner should be doing for you.


Competitive Advantage of utilizing one supplier which is a totally managed solution of multiple 3PL suppliers.


We provide you with a fully automated reporting and tracking technology that enables you a full view of your entire logistics chain.

No matter the size of your business, we are here to help you grow your business