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What is Ocean Freight

Ocean freight or as it is commonly called in South Africa, Sea Freight or simply shipping is the way to transport goods in bulk from one country to another. Normally placing the goods also referred to as cargo in shipping containers which are loaded onto vessels or as we say in South Africa, ships. Over 90% of all the world’s trade is carried by sea – and even more in some countries.


As a line on your invoice

This is the cost of shipping a container from one point to another. Also know as the shipping rate

How is ocean freight calculated?

Ocean freight is charged by the shipping line for shipping your goods/freight from one country to another. There are two types, FCL = full container load and LCL = less than a container load. All cargo is calculated on the basis of per CBM (Cubic Meter) rate or per Ton (per 1000 kgs gross weight) whichever is higher.

Ocean Freight

About TSI Central Station

Negociate Shipping Rates

How to Negotiate Shipping and How TSI Does This for You?
  1. We build relationships with the shipping lines.
  2. Using collective bargaining, we speak as one with all our client’s cargo.
  3. Know the rates and how to get the best possible rates for you the client
  4. Eliminate Hidden Fees or Surcharges. We manage Detention & Demurrage.
  5. We Ship with Multiple Carriers So you can get the best possible rates & service.


With is you get the personal touch with your Shipping requirements. TSI Offer’s total and complete peace of mind.

Make the Choice

By choosing TSI Central Station you can be assured that your most urgent cargo arrives at its destination on time, every time.

Total Visibility

We book directly with the shipping lines so that you can benefit from our purchasing power. Get live tracking of your cargo with our Global Positioning Service – giving you true end-to-end visibility.

Importing or Exporting?

Sea freight is often the most cost-effective and convenient way to do this.

TSI Central Station’s sea freight services make the entire process easy and efficient. Our Sea Freight Services include:

  • FCL – Full Container Loads 6 meter or 12-meter containers, also referred to as 20-foot containers or 40-foot containers.
  • LCL – Less than a Container Load, with these services, we offer:
  • Export consolidations
  • Import consolidations
  • BB – Break-bulk – Non-Containerised

When it comes to local and international sea freight services, TSI can handle the process for you, ensuring your goods get to their destination on time and within budget.

Air Freight


Air freight is all about on-time shipments, and with TSI Central Station’s extensive global network, service lanes and key gateways, we make the process seamless and affordable for our customers. When it comes to our air freight services, we work with specialised carriers and operate within air freight timetables on all the world’s major routes so that our clients can plan with certainty for the greatest efficiency. Our platform ensures that you are able to track your shipment, from the time it is collected until the time it is delivered.

Road Freight

Transport of Shipping Containers

To and from the Port

We specialise in containerised cargo, transporting shipping containers from and to all the ports in South Africa.  As experts in this field, our service covers trucking from Durban to Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, as well as Cape Town to Johannesburg and back again. These include full and empty containers between all the main cities within the Republic of South Africa.

Local Cartage

Collection & Delivery of Shipping Containers (Depot to client)

We collect your containers from the port and deliver them locally, normally within a 100/150-kilometer radius. We also collect empty containers for loading and export and deliver them to the port.

LCL (Less than a container load)

Collection at Depot and Deliver


All Break-Bulk Cargo

Local Collection and Deliveries

From a 1 Ton Pallet to an 8 Ton Truck

Distribution / IBT

Warehouse to Warehouse

We collect your goods from your warehouse and deliver them to your client – Inter Branch Transfer – We transport anything from a single pallet to a full truckload.

Storage of Containers

From Container Depot (Staggered Delivery)

Cross Dock

Collect, Unpack and Re-deliver

Cross Border Trucking and Distribution

We manage and control daily road freight (trucking) into Africa. Over Border / Cross Border, we do it daily. We also offer a Door to Door to the entire Sub-Saharan Africa

managing ocean freight