What Does a Transport / Freight Broker Do?

What is a transport or freight broker is a company that assists importers & exporters with logistics, in addition to this, they do the trucking, shipping, and everything in between. 

The most important is to note that the brokering history in the South African market has had a bad reputation because of rouge operators, in the late 80’s and 90’a lot has changed since then, even though there is no regulatory body controlling them, the clients have made the transport broker legitimate by ensuring that all the relevant insurances, registrations are put in place. 

A transport broker is responsible for putting the service provider and the client together by facilitating the movement of a client’s freight. They are responsible for keeping a line of communication open with the carrier in order to update the status of the shipper’s load.

Brokers are responsible for arranging the transportation and tracking of a load transported by a trucker.

They make it easier for clients to find quality transporters that are proven to be reliable in transporting a load. Most client’s don’t have the experience or time to determine if a transporter can perform the task. Almost all of the trucking companies are consistent and deliver a load in a timely matter with nothing to dispute, as a result, there are some bad apples that make it difficult to know with certainty.

The responsibilities of a transport broker are not limited to connecting transporters with clients, they are responsible for communicating with both parties.

What sets TSI Central Station apart from a transport broker?

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