Earlier this month, The Africa logistics held their second Port of Cape Town stakeholder workshop where they brought together some of the key representatives of the supply chain of the port to reflect on successes of the Port of Cape Town Task team and identify the challenges that the team wants to tackle in 2021.


The Port of Cape Town Task Team comprises of 10 senior representatives from the entire port logistics chain. These representatives were asked to urgently identify and implement measures to address congestion issues at Cape Town Port.



While the COVID-19 pandemic caused havoc on the global shipping industry, the Port of Cape Town Task Team is proud to have achieved the following in 2020:


All of the above will have an impact on the Port of Cape Town, as well as on the economy in the city through the creation of jobs.


Focus For 2021

As the Task Team look towards the new year, these are some of the key issues that they will be focusing on:


One can’t deny how important the Port of Cape Town is to South African and globally, so improvements are always welcome and any ways to make the port function better will do good.


To find out more about the Task Team and the Port of Cape Town, read the full article by The Africa Logistics, here.


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