January 2021

How Modern Technology is Changing the Future of Logistics Industry, Supply Chains, how they can be Digitized

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When we had the first lockdown if your business wasn’t prepared to work from home, you had to move fast to digitizing your business, factually all businesses had to go online in some form or another. So, we can say that we were forced to become more tech-savvy and have a digital presence.

In 2006, we started the digital journey, we started to connect the dots, we linked with the port, we then said if we can link to the port, we should be able to link to the shipping lines, the transporters and the rest was history, we now connect to every possible source throughout the supply chain.

In 2006, it was not as easy as it is now to take your business online, having staff at home operating as if they were at the office. We have entered into a new age, so why not have your transport and logistics in one place, it is as simple as bringing them together in one place on one platform.

Everyone is offering some sort of digital platform but this means that you have to go from one platform to another and still have to ask “where your shipment is” that is so frustrating because if al the service providers spoke to each other, you would be able to one point of contact, one source of information and you would be driving your supply chain and not the service providers.

reading headlines, you see that the logistics industry is one of the industries where the digital revolution is most intense. This is according to www.raillynews.com. They go onto say that “Logistics is digitizing and transforming faster than expected. The global logistics industry, which ran for 2025 trillion dollars in 8, is being shaped by logistics technology startups.

So, you must understand that there are going to be various offerings, you just to connect your business to the right platform, one that offers you the ability to connect every link in the supply chain and without paying more for the privilege.

Shannon Flynn writes on EPS News the following:

The benefits of supply chain digitization

For the moment, digitization still isn’t the norm — though this is changing fast. According to predictions from Gartner, “at least 50% of large global companies will be using AI, advanced analytics, and IoT in supply chain operations” by 2023.

For this reason, supply chain digitization — if accomplished soon — could provide a massive competitive advantage to adopters. Businesses that wait too long, however, could be left behind.

Gartner state the following “The next three to five years will usher in not only an increase in the adoption of digital supply chain technologies but also new, more IT-focused roles that supply chain leaders must integrate.

Heads of supply chain technology must take note of these Gartner 2021 predictions to advance digital maturity and business performance.”

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