R640m Musina ring road project set for 2022 completion – Sanral


The R640-million Musina ring road project is set for completion in the second quarter of next year, says the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral).
The road will serve to alleviate traffic congestion in the Musina central business district (CBD), and reduce the travel time for road users in and around the Limpopo town.The project consists of the construction of around 8 km of greenfield single carriageway freeway to form the western ring road around the town.
The alignment deviates from the existing N1 section 29 alignment just south of Musina, and ties back into the existing alignment just north of the town.
Thousands of heavy vehicles use the N1 every day and pass through the Musina CBD, says Sanral.
These vehicles add to the traffic congestion in town, while also creating conflict with local traffic and pedestrians.
“Once completed, the Musina ring road will facilitate mobility, and the safe movement of goods and services in and around Musina,” says Sanral project manager Hennie Kotze.
He says the project is progressing well.
The stormwater infrastructure is complete, as well as the majority of the earthworks.
Except for the Nancefield interchange bridge, the other bridges are at advanced stages of completion.
The contractor is currently progressing with layer works and surfacing.
“Apart from Covid-19-related restrictions, which are proving to be a challenge not on the Musina ring road project alone, but on other projects managed by Sanral across the country, we are confident about the anticipated June 2022 completion date, provided there are no further delays,” says Kotze.Read more here

Original Source: https://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/r640m-musina-ring-road-project-set-for-2022-completion-sanral-2021-07-29
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