How Solid is Your Supply Chain?
How Solid is Your Supply Chain?

With the massive expansion of the supply chain, the risk has also increased due to a greater attack surface. More common threats such as cyber security, are still around and even more sophisticated, and natural disasters have and will always be a threat to the supply chain, but COVID-19 has been one threat that has really changed the game when it comes to supply chains. The pandemic brought with it a number of unknowns, which are nearly impossible to anticipate and prepare for.

One lesson that those is the logistics industry did learn was the importance of having a secure, solid supply chain. Here are a few tips to help you achieve this.

Have a good knowledge and understanding of your internal supply chain.

For you to have a supply chain, it is likely that you need a good or service in order to succeed. Knowing who is essential to your supply chain is important, and you’ll also need to look for acceptable alternatives should something happen. From a cyber security perspective, ask your suppliers about their cyber hygiene and practices. When dealing with natural disasters, having alternative suppliers in different parts of the globe will make it possible to keep going at all times.

Make sure your systems and data are secure.

Having basic cyber security measures in place goes a long way to keeping your information safe and making sure your networks are always available.

Conduct regular cyber training with your employees.

With your employees being your first line of defense, you’ll want to conduct regular cyber awareness training which can be done in person or online. Go with a reputable company as this is important business.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Developing a disaster recovery plan that anticipates any kinds of cyber incidents, natural disasters, political happenings and now global pandemics makes it easier to deal with threats if or when they arise. A key aspect of your disaster recovery plan is to exercise and review it annually, checking for any gaps and identifying any changes you need to make to ensure success.

Being prepared is key to creating a secure supply chain, and it’s often easier and cheaper to prepare than to have to recover.

TSI’s technology makes being and staying prepared that much easier, and we’re all about keeping your data safe. Find out more about our Digital Control Tower here.

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